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     WELCOME to Aprende Physical Education 

    The Aprende Physical Education team is looking forward to working with all the new and returning students. We know that each student will find success in physical activity and fitness this year!  

    Aprende Physical Education Mission:

    “We are committed to creating a positive learning environment for your child that motivates him/her to be active now and in the future. It is our desire to instill a value of physical activity and an understanding of the importance of a healthy body and mind to improve one’s quality of life.”

    The following information pertains to our program.  ALL our students will warm up at the beginning of EVERY period to prepare their bodies for physical activity.  The warm up is designed to improve the components of fitness:  cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.   If your child cannot perform the daily warm up, he/she will be at a great disadvantage and prone to injury.  Due to the fact that a large part of your child’s grade is composed of participation, this is critical. 

    PE Rules & Expectations:  

    • Students will follow directions.
    • Students will be respectful, responsible, and courteous to teachers and classmates.
    • Students need to display appropriate behavior at all times whether in activity areas or in the locker room
    • Students will use equipment safely and properly.
    • Students may not have gum, food, and/or drinks other than WATER in the PE areas: lobby, gym, locker rooms, and activity areas.  
    • Students who do not meet the above expectations will be given an opportunity to refocus and then rejoin the class.

    Locker Room Expectations:           

    • Students will be responsible for their OWN individual lockers and combinations
    • Students will be responsible to keep their combinations safe and secure
    • Students will keep all valuables in their lockers such as money, phones, jewelry, I-pods etc.
    • Students may not have glass or aerosol containers and those items will be confiscated    

    Dress out Expectations: 

    • Students will dress out in their OWN official Aprende P.E. uniform for each class.  
    • Students can purchase uniforms ONLINE and through student services throughout the year.
    • Students must wear athletic shoes and socks. Shoes must be visibly laced and/or secured at all times to ensure safety. Any unsafe footwear will preclude students from participating.
    • Students may not wear flip flops, sandals, slip-ons or other unsafe shoes or attire.
    • Students who do not meet the dress out criteria will be able to participate in that period but will lose points.   After 3 non-dresses however, there is a no-play policy until students complete an alternate assignment and prepare for class by dressing out in PE uniform. 
    • Pricing for the uniforms are $17.00 ($6.00 for the shirts, $11.00 for the shorts). We do not wish to create a hardship for any family. If a student is unable to supply a uniform, please contact any member of the Physical Education Staff.

    Excused or Sick Policy:           

    A note from home by a parent or guardian excusing participation will be honored for only 2 PE classes; thereafter a doctor’s note will be required for their own safety. Students excused from physical activity are STILL required to dress out as part of their daily PE grade.

    Grading Policy: 

    Student’s grades are based on preparation, effort and participation in all activities. Knowledge and skills are also considered upon grading.  Students have an opportunity to earn 10 points daily.  A student with a non-dress will receive 2/10 points for the day.   Grades are available for viewing on the Parent/Student portal.   NOTE:  There is a 3 strike no-dress no-play policy.  After 3 non-dresses a student will not be allowed to participate in physical activity until properly prepared for PE.  The student will complete an alternate written assignment until dressed out for physical activity.

    A = 90% - 100%

    B = 80% - 89%

    C = 70% - 79%  

    D = 60% - 69%    

    F = 59% or less

    We appreciate your cooperation and ongoing support of our Physical Education program. Please feel free to contact your child’s PE teacher if there are any questions or concerns. Email works best as we are rarely near the phone! We look forward to a healthy and active year!!


    Mrs. Susan Kastelic          480-541-6268    skastelic@kyrene.org

    Mr. Mark Lemieux            480-541-6269     mlemie@kyrene.org

    Mr. Mike Stark                 480-541-6269    mstark@kyrene.org


Last Modified on July 30, 2018