• Note: The order and time frame in which each topic is taught may change depending on student needs.

    1st Quarter: August 17th-October 1st

    • Rigid Motion Transformations
    • Similarity
    • Line and Angle Relationships

    2nd Quarter: October 13th-December 17th

    • From Proportions to Linear Relationships
    • Linear Relationships
    • Introduction to Functions 

    3rd Quarter: January 4th-March 5th

    • Patterns in Bivariate Data 
    • Solving Linear Equations
    • Systems of Linear Equations 
    • Compound Probability 

    4th Quarter: March 16th-June 8th

    • The Real Number System
    • Pythagorean Theorem
    • Exponents and Scientific Notation
    • Volume of Curved Figures