• Kyrene de la Mirada Music


    Welcome to Music Class at Kyrene de la Mirada! Mrs. Marshall and Ms. Hammond would like to introduce themselves to you as the 2019-20 Music Department at Mirada Elementary. Mrs. Marshall is entering her 8th year of teaching music. Her background includes elementary music, as well as high school and middle school choir. This is Ms. Hammond's 1st year of teaching music. Mrs. Marshall teaches at Mirada every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and Mariposa on Monday and Wednesday. Ms. Hammond teaches at Mirada on Monday and Wednesday, and spends the rest of her week teaching music at Milenio.


    What do students learn in classes?

    Our mission is to provide a balanced, sequential and comprehensive music education to all students. This experience takes place in a positive, active and exciting atmosphere to instill in students a life-long appreciation and openness toward many kinds of music. It is our goal for students to experience a wide variety of musical activities throughout the year. These activities are based on the National Standards of Music Education and include singing, playing instruments, moving to music, reading and notating music, composing and improvising, creating music, listening to and describing music, and performing. All students will attend music class once a week 45 minutes (6.75 hours per 9 weeks).


    Instruments used in classes.

    Percussion instruments (hit or strike), Recorder (flute like instrument for 3-5th), occasionally autoharp. Orchestral and Band instruments are taught in Middle School. For pictures of the types of instruments played in music classes please visit https://www.kyrene.org/Page/16220


    Private Lessons

    Yes, Mrs. Marshall and Ms. Hammond HIGHLY recommend private instrument instruction for ALL students. The benefits of private instrument instruction on the young child mind is well documented scientifically. Please see  https://www.kyrene.org/Page/12272 for advocacy resources.



    In Elementary Music, students are graded in two areas: 1) Content Knowledge and Skills, and 2) Participation and Behavior. Grades 1-5 receive music grades at the end of each quarter. Kindergarten students receive music grades at the end of each semester. Since our time together is spent making music (not writing about music), most assessments are informal and observational in nature. When a more formal paper/pencil assessment is given, students can choose to take them home once they are graded.   The grades given are: P=Proficient, D=Developing, and AC=Area of Concern.


    Music rules are explained and posted during classes.

    Music rules are a reflection of school rules in a music setting.

    • Raise your hand when you want to speak
    • Wait for the signal to play instruments
    • Be kind to others
    • Be kind to the instruments and equipment
    • Keep body parts and objects to yourself
    • Follow directions by listening carefully
    • Only lips, tongue, teeth in your mouth
    • Everyone participates fully with their best effort

    Rewards include: *Smiles,* Praise, *Choice of games, *Choice of instruments, *Special songs

    Consequences include: *Kind reminder/Warning, *Loss of privilege, *Refocus assignment, *Removal for the remainder of music class time (extremely rare)


    Note: Here at Mirada, we value our students as human beings, recognizing that we all make mistakes from time to time. If a student needs to have a behavior corrected, we recognize this as a part of the learning process which should result in growth and increased future success. Also know that explicit instructions are always given and students at all times know what is expected of them. If there is an ongoing behavior problem that becomes disruptive to the classroom learning environment, parents will be contacted so that we can work together toward a positive outcome.


    Performances:  5th Grade will have a grand musical extravaganza with singing, instruments and "visuals".  The date for this has not been determined yet.


    Because both of Mrs. Marshall and Ms. Hammond travel to other schools, they are best reached at their email addresses which are AMarshall@kyrene.org and whammond@kyrene.org. You can also leave a message at 480-541-4200 and they will get back with you as quickly as possible. Both Mrs. Marshall and Ms. Hammond have around 650 students each, but they will always do their best to contact you in a timely manner.


    Sincerely,   Mrs. Angela Marshall and Ms. Whitney Hammond