• Welcome to an exciting new year here at Mirada and Mariposa Elementary Schools. My name is Mrs. Angela Marshall, and I teach Elementary Music. I am passionate about teaching children and about music! I believe that music enriches lives and I am excited to have the opportunity to encourage students to grow through involvement in musical activities. In my classroom, students will learn to express themselves musically through singing, dancing and playing instruments. They will have a chance to learn about and appreciate multiple cultures through the lens of music.

    I have a background in choral music education and love to sing. I have taught everything from K-5 Elementary Music, to Middle School and High School Choir.  I am Orff Level 1 certified, and as such believe in teaching music with a variety of singing, instrument exploration and lots of movement. I love working with students and watching them grow. I consider it a privilege to teach and be a part of students' individual journeys.


    Mrs. Marshall