Birthday Book Club

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    • For $20 select a book for your Birthday boy or girl from our Library’s Wish list. The book will be donated to our library on behalf of your child.
    • We will add a personalized stamp with your child’s name and birth date in the book to be eternally memorialized.
    • The book will be shared with your child’s class during their library time in their birthday month.
    • Your child will have the first opportunity to check out their birthday book.
    • When the book is returned, it will become part of Lagos library collection.
    • Your child will also receive a Lagos birthday book club bookmark
    • Their name will be added to the Birthday Book Club Board in the Library.


    Visit our Library Wish List to select the Birthday Book for your Birthday Boy or Girl!

    To make your child a Birthday Book Club Member, please use this form to order online or send us an email.


Last Modified on September 21, 2019