• Dear Parents and Students,

    I was raised in Chandler and attended elementary, junior high, and high school in the area.  After I completed my undergraduate degree (majoring in Economics) at Arizona State University, I attended law school at Duke University.  I then worked as a lawyer for approximately 12 years in both Florida and Arizona.  I decided to make the career change to a teacher due to the personal fulfillment that I feel in working with young people and my hope to have a positive impact on their lives.

    I am happily married with two wonderful children.  My wife teaches college courses.  Our oldest child recently began kindergarten, and our youngest is 2 years old.  We enjoy spending time together by attending sporting events, taking hikes, riding bikes, and engaging in other outdoor activities.

    I have always been passionate about Social Studies.  I hope to help my students develop a similar interest in the subject.  To engage my students, I often utilize real-world applications and experiential learning in my lessons.

    I am honored to teach at Centennial Middle School and look forward to a great year.


    Mr. Hill


    Mr. Hill