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    Dear Parents and Students,

    Having this great opportunity of working at Kyrene School District as a Spanish teacher, I have the privilege of showing my native culture and language to my students. I am a Spanish native speaker, born and raised in Colombia, South America. In Colombia, I finished a Bachelors in Psychology and I worked for 8 years in various community colleges. In December 2017, I finished a Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at Northern Arizona University (NAU). As an instructor, I taught at the college level for 2 years, also at NAU. Later, I was a sabbatical replacement of a Spanish teacher at a middle school in California. It was there I realized that I love teaching this level because middle school students are fun!

    My family lives in Colombia, and every opportunity I have I go to visit them. My parents are the loveliest and most encouraging people I know, and they always support my dreams. Education has had an important influence on my life, my father is a civil engineer and he has always said that education is the one possession that you will never lose no matter what happens in your life. My mother was my main mentor and teacher, I owe her most of my skills I have as a student that allowed me to be successful during my undergraduate and graduate studies. My three brothers followed my parents’ advice, and they have a successful company in which they work in their fields as a civil engineer, architect and electronic engineer.

    In my free time I enjoy traveling in the USA and abroad. Besides Colombia, I have traveled to Costa Rica, México, and Panamá. On my bucket list I have more places I would like to visit and many of them are Spanish-speaking countries. 

    As a new member at AKimel Middle School I am feeling so excited to be part of this community, and I hope we will have an amazing school year!

    Best regards,


    Diana Umbarila

    Spanish Middle School Teacher