• Possibility - Opportunity - What COULD Be... "Outside the Box" is where I thrive. Life is full of limiting times, situations, and people who settle.  I dare to dream and encourage my students and their families to follow my lead.  I am passionate about helping my students unlock their own potential and aiding other educators in the many tools available to them as they join us in our journey. 

    This is my fourth year teaching in Special Education. I have been a Resource and an SEI Teacher (Structured English Immersion) in both the Mesa and Kyrene Districts.  I also have extensive experience as a private advocate working to help families with special education students navigate the educational system in Arizona. I have a Dual Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Northern Arizona University.   

    A creative crafter, I also love to cook themed food for my family.  I am a mother of three awesome children who are 14, 11, and 8 including a child with special needs, so I have a few unique perspectives to aid in my approach to teaching.  I also have three dogs- Bella, Bolt, and Mickey- who keep me busy with all their naughty antics.