Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS)

  • K-3rd Grade

    A program that teaches students higher level thinking skills using "lessons in analysis, synthesis, and evaluation".

    Convergent Thinking

    Dudley the DetectiveDeductive Logic

    Look for clues and facts to find the one and only answer

    Sybil the Scientist - Analytic Thinking

    Study all parts of something

    Sort and classisy information

    Divergent Thinking

    Isabel the Inventor - Inventive Thinking

    Brainstorms lots and lots of ideas

    Not just one correct answer

    Yolanda the Yarnspinner - Creative Thinking

    Use imagination to create stories using interesting words

    Visual/Spacial Thinking

    Max the Magician

    Mental manipulation of shapes

    Looks for patterns to find reasonable answers

    Evaluative Thinking

    Jordan the Judge

    Considers facts and opinions to find the best answer