• Dear Mirada Famililes,

    I am thrilled to be a Mirada teacher.

    I have been a teacher of grades 3-6 for 19 years.  Most of my experience has been in public school in Indiana, along with four years at an independent school in Indiana, and one year at a charter school in Phoenix, and last year here at Mirada.  Two of my three kids attend a Kyrene school, and I was always impressed with the care and commitment of the staff, as well as the support of the community even before becoming a staff member myself.

    I was born and raised in Philadelphia. PA.  I have two older siblings, and an identical twin brother.  Outside of school, I spend my time writing and playing music, reading, cooking, and enjoying my family.  

    As a teacher, I place the utmost importance on trying to know and nurture each student as a whole child, not only academically.  We will employ and practice cooperation and communication in our learning. We will continually find ways to integrate the arts into our curriculum.  Students will be encouraged to find their own voices and to appreciate others. My favorite teaching moments are those in which students follow their curiosities and learn or create because of their own interests and passions. I hope to provide many opportunities for students to experience the joy and pride inherent in those learning moments.

    Please contact me anytime with questions, concerns, or comments.

    Matt Rosenthal