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    About Ms. Smith
    Dear Parents and Students,

    I have been teaching at Aprende since 2000.  When I first arrived, I taught both Language Arts and Social Studies, but after 5 years of teaching two core content areas, I focused on teaching U.S. History full-time through the 2018-19 school year.  During my time here at Aprende, I have served as NAL (National Academic League) advisor, Team Leader, Interventionist, Grand Canyon Field Trip coordinator, Techology Mentor, Jag TV advisor, and am currently the Technical Director for Jaguar Players Theatre. 
    Beginning in August 2019, I am very excited to be branching out into Exploratory curriculum and be able to teach two of my favorite subjects, sewing and photography. 
    My love for sewing started as a kid when I started creating my dolls' outfits out of scraps left over from my mom's projects. I took several classes throughout high school and college to expand my basic skills, then I spent two years working as a seamstress at a costume shop.  Once I moved out to AZ, I set aside most of my sewing skills (just making the occasional projects & costumes for friends & family) until the Jaguar Players started up here at Aprende in 2013.  I joined Jag Players as a TD and I have been overseeing the creation of the costumes for our club ever since. 
    My other big hobby is photography. I took photography courses in college and once I moved to AZ, I worked for a camera shop here in the valley for about 9 years.  Even when I switched over to teaching, I couldn't stay away from photography.  Often, I have been spotted at Aprende's events taking photos that are used by the yearbook, this website, and various other groups on campus because I love photography and enjoy trying to get the "perfect" shot. 
    I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to be able to bring my passion for photography and sewing to a new generation!  
    When on campus, you will most likely see me with a McDonalds or Starbucks iced tea in my hand.  I am completely addicted to unsweetened caffeine.  =)
    Ms. Smith