• paw
    Materials List - When school is in person!!
    Every day, students should bring to class:
      snail  1 binder with 8 divider tabs (*binder may be left in the classroom)
      snail  Pocket folder (for work that needs to go home including homework)
      snail  Lined notebook paper, enough for the whole year
      snail  Pens or sharpened pencils 
      snail  Highlighter 
      snail  An independent reading book (Always! Silent reading during library time)
      snail  Agendabook - This will be used every Monday and keep students organized! (Dollar Store has some)

    Materials List - Online

      snail   Computer (:
      snail   Pearson textbook
      snail   Novel
      snail   paper, pencil, highlighter
      snail   agenda
      snail   Binder with dividers are optional right now
      snail   Pocket folder is also optional right now