April 29-May 3



    April 29

    GATE: LOTF Chapter 7 and begin Chapter 8 (read until 132).

    PRIDE: LOTF grammar packet page 7.

    ELA: Seedfolks Virgil and Sae Young. HW: Complete character charts.

    April 30

    GATE: Finish chapter 8 in LOTF. Finish 7-8 questions. HW: finish questions.

    ELA: Curtis and Nora. HW: Complete character charts.

    PRIDE Period 3: Study Hall


    May 1

    GATE: Chapters 9-10 in LOTF. HW: finish reading and complete questions.

    ELA: Maricela and Amir. HW: Complete character charts.


    May 2

    GATE: LOTF chapter 11-12. HW: None

    ELA: Florence. HW: Complete character charts.

    PRIDE Period 6: Study Hall


    May 3

    GATE: LOTF chapter 11-12 QUESTIONS. HW: Finish questions if needed.

    ELA: "Be A Seedfolk" activity. HW: Complete activity.

    PRIDE Period 7: Study Hall