• Seasons and Fees

    The Kyrene Athletic Program consists of three athletic seasons for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Participating schools are Akimel A-al Rattlers, Altadeña Panthers, Aprende Jaguars, Centennial Sabercats, Kyrene Scorpions, and Pueblo Bulldogs. 

    Permission for Kyrene Middle School Athletes receiving PE credit to fulfill the International Baccalaureate yearly PE requirement through participation in a zero hour course in a non-cut sport (Cross Country, Wrestling, Track), will be granted for them to participate simultaneously in a cut sport if their participation is necessary to create a full team roster.  Their non-cut sport is serving as their PE class for graded credit, will be assessed according to PE standards, and is an extension of their school day.  Under these stipulations, students wishing to fulfill their PE credit through a non-cut sport while at the same time participating in a cut sport to create a full team will be required to register and pay for both sports. 

    Season Fees

Last Modified on June 5, 2018