• Student Guidelines
    black paw  Follow all guidelines in the Kyrene District Family Handbook.
    black paw  Arrive to class on time and be in your seat BEFORE the bell rings.
    black paw Have ALL materials out and ready on desk, including sharpening your pencil, at the start of each class BEFORE  the teacher asks.
    black paw  Be respectful, responsible, and kind to others at all times.
    black paw  Work hard and do your best!

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    Student Expectations
    black paw  Bring notebook, paper, pencil/pen, and agenda to class every day.
    black paw Fill out your agenda in every class, every time.
    black paw Check website daily for any updates to homework, tests, or 6A news/reminders.
    black paw Show your parents your agenda AND website daily for homework, upcoming test, or 6A news/reminders.
    black paw Complete all assignments and turn them in on time.
    black paw Check grades in Studentvue weekly.
    black paw Make up assignments missed due to absence.
    black paw  Keep the classroom clean and well organized.
    black paw  Sign out prior to leaving the classroom.
    black paw Take pride in your work.
    black paw  Work to become a successful, independent thinker and learner!
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    Parent Expectations
    black paw  Please check student agenda AND website with child nightly.
    black paw  Please hold your child accountable for THEIR work.
    black paw Please check grades in Parentvue weekly.
    black paw  Please check grades in Parentvue or have child show you his/her grades in Studentvue BEFORE emailing teachers.
    black paw  Please ask your child about missing homework/assignments before emailing teachers.
    black paw  Please check website before emailing teachers.
    black paw  Please familiarize yourself with our 6A website. Your child will know how to navigate the website within the first week of school. He/she will be able to show you his/her grades, show you the weekly homework, upcoming tests, and any important 6A news and/or reminders.
    black paw  Please help your child be a successful, independent thinker and learner!