• Teacher/Superintendent Council


    The Kyrene Teacher/Superintendent Council (TSC) provides the Superintendent with an opportunity to engage regularly with teachers in an ongoing dialogue on how we can best meet the goals of the Kyrene strategic plan.

    Representatives from each school attend regular meetings with the Superintendent in order to:

    • Obtain information on district initiatives, departments, resources, changes and other topics of interest to the community.
    • Participate in small group discussions and brainstorming sessions that are shared with the entire group.
    • Convey information back to the teacher community.
    • Share information and/or feedback from the respective teacher communities with the rest of the TSC group.

    The desire is to proactively address topics of interest or concern to ensure the entire community has (or knows where to obtain) accurate information and knows how to participate and share opinions, suggestions or additional ideas. 


    NOTE:  The Superintendent Councils for 2020-21 will be suspended until further notice, as the District continues to prioritize its work on providing instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Updates on the work of the Teacher/Superintendent Council, including new meeting dates, will be shared on this page.


Last Modified on March 3, 2021