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                      AKI-Grows Garden Club

    Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle  School is bringing the green back to Ahwatukee with a new AKI-Grows Campaign.  With all of the construction that is creating dust and concrete our Assistant Principal Mrs. Westermann envisioned something different for our campus. Her dream is to build an urban garden for her students, staff and community to enjoy.  As educators today we strive to build real life projects where our students can demonstrate how the skills they are learning in the classroom apply to the outside world.  Our amazing Akimel A-al students are going to put these skills to work creating Mrs. Westermann’s vision.

    As part of their class work, students will design the garden and organize a fundraising campaign to gather donations to pay for it. Our Science Students will work to design the garden, while researching plants, the amount of shade required and each plant’s watering needs.  These designs must incorporate several key components:  An outdoor classroom space with shade, a hummingbird and butterfly garden, an herb garden and raised planting beds to grow seasonal fruits and vegetables. In Language Arts, students will enhance their business writing skills to ask for donations from parents and  community members.  Our Culinary Art students will figure out ways to incorporate the harvest into their menus.  With any leftover produce, our goal is to get it into the hands of our families as an Outreach effort.  The big goal is to teach our children how to create a vibrant and sustainable garden that is not only beautiful to look at, but nourishing too.  We hope  to raise $25,ooo to build the garden and refurbish the school’s courtyard areas so that teachers can use these  innovative spaces as outdoor classrooms.  Our plan is to plant shade trees around the courtyard, as well as install a shade structure over our outdoor lunch area.  We also have various planters that are unused at the time that we plan to fill with succulents and other desert plants.  We’d love to make our campus a place where students can  expand their minds in an environment that is outside of the traditional classroom.  Everyone can help!  There is no financial donation is too small. The AKI-Grows team is also looking for donations of materials too.  It will take a lot to get this off of the ground and we need your help!  There is still time for donations to count as tax credit before April 15th, too.  Just make sure to designate your financial contribution as an AKI-Grows Garden Club donation.


    Please do what you can to help us bring this vision to life. For more information please visit to see the materials we are in need of for our garden club.

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