• Should my child take private lessons?


    This is a question I am often asked, but I don't always have a definite answer.  It depends on the instrument and the physical and emotional maturity of the child.  If your child is self-motivated and showing personal interest, it is good to help them explore ways to develop that skill.  For instruments, the child will need to be able to sit and show focus during practice and instruction.  It may also be difficult if they are struggling with independent finger dexterity.  Since learning something new can be frustrating for all ages (adults included!), it is important they have the best fit of teacher and home support to make it a positive and successful experience!


    For voice, I am of the opinion that singing with a group such as a choir is the best way to develop their instrument and musicality until their voices have settled in their teenage years.  This is true for both boys and girls.  A well-written article illustrating this point can be found here: https://issuu.com/azacda/docs/antiphon_winter_2018/12.  We are fortunate to have many local children's choirs in the east valley that have well run programs with a variety of levels of experience.  Depending on what type of involvement you are looking for, you can cater to the needs of your student and family depending on these organizations.  Plus, singing with others is just FUN!