• Arts Residencies

    Unique to Paloma is our Residencies program where arts integration and team collaboration maximizes students' understanding of the curriculum. The special area teachers are leaders in specific discipline areas; the art teacher specializes in visual arts, the music teacher in music, the P.E. teacher in dance and the librarian in drama.  "Specialists" work with the classroom teachers to identify critical standards as the focus of Residencies. Specialists then plan lessons around the standards, collaborating with classroom teachers. Residencies occur on Wednesdays where a grade level is split into groups and rotate through art, music, dance, and drama. By the end of a Residency, students have completed arts integrated activities that have deepened their understanding of the standards. Residencies reinforce classroom content and push students toward mastery of key grade level standards.


    Pictures and videos from some of the residencies can be found by clicking on the links below (note- not all residency sections were able to be photographed or filmed).  It may take a bit for pictures and videos to load.


Last Modified on December 17, 2018