• Donors

    Successful partnerships are essential in supporting our school programs. We are so grateful to these amazing organizations for their donations to develop and support the DISCOVERosity Zone and STEM exploration at our school. For more information about them, please click on their links.


     Progressive Roofing

    Progressive Roofing
    Mike Farrell from Progressive Roofing donated $5,000 for Colina DR startup funds in 2015

    DISCOVERoom Opening


    Freeport-McMoRan Foundation
    December 2017 $500 Mini Education Grant Award for STEM learning equipment and kits 
    2018-2019 $3250 FM STEM Innovations Grant which is a collaboration with Basha HS Science is Fun (SiF)


    ShurTech Brands ShurTech Brands
    Masking tape donation for 2017-2018 school year


    Intel Foundation

    *2015–present, Intel donates $10 for every hour an employee or retiree volunteers for Colina. The hours are calculated from January through December. The school determines where the funds are spent. Employees nor retires can request funding go to specific departments.

    The DISCOVERoom would like to acknowledge the employee/retiree hours in the DISCOVERoom and other departments at Colina:

    2016: Teri Noll 1475 hours, Tracy Tomlinson 44 hours
    2017:  Teri Noll 700+ hours, Tracy Tomlinson 209+ hours

Last Modified on August 12, 2021