Software & Online Tool Requests

    Prior to submitting a request, review the lists below of our current software and online tools to confirm that we do not currently have a tool that provides the same functionality and resources in our toolkit:
    Software and Online Tools - Crucial Factors

    The following are factors that the Technology and Curriculum Departments must consider before any online resource, software, or subscription-based website is approved or funded.

    • Federal Student Privacy Rights - These federal laws are in place to protect children. Please review the resource to see if students are being asked to create an account, if there are special considerations for students under 13, or if the resource includes an open chat or blog feature that allows students to communicate with others outside of the class or school. These are the privacy rights we adhere to:

    CIPA - Children's Internet Protection Act Teachers educate students about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals.
    COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Protection Governs how online operators collect data and personal information from children under 13. Teachers select appropriate online resources for their students that contain a clear and comprehensive privacy policy for students under 13.  
    FERPA - Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Parents and students have access to records (e.g. grades, student ID, attendance data). Schools cannot share certain educational records with other students or parents without parent permission.

    • System Requirements - All digital resources and software considered must be operable on the current operating system and machines used by the District and not have an adverse effect on the network, efficiency of machines, or district-wide applications.
    • Instructional Benefit - For each request, members of the Curriculum Council will review the requested resource for academic impact and will consider the instructional rigor, alignment to curriculum, and use of best practices related to its use in the classroom.  
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis of Implementation - In order to make the best use of District resources and teacher time, the departments will consider the financial cost and training needs associated with each request compared to the potential for academic impact and the number of students that may benefit from its use.    

    • Redundancy – Does the District have an application, resource, or software that already does what is being considered?   


    Submit a Request

    The information in the request will be reviewed by the Technology Department where an evaluation of system requirements will take place. If the resource is instructional or curricular in nature, your request will be sent to the Curriculum Department and the Curriculum Council. After evaluation, an email with a request-response will be sent. All software requests will be added to the Software Review list.

     internet Software Request
    To submit a request for consideration of a digital resource, new software, or a blocked website, please fill in and submit the following form: Software & Online Tools Request Form

    Obtaining Approved Software

    The request-response will indicate the funding recommendation for approved software or hardware. Please fill out a work order to have the Technology Department if assistance is needed for the installation or implementation of the online tool or equipment. Technology Work Order System
Last Modified on July 11, 2022