Hardware Requests

    New technology tools are introduced every day that may enhance instruction and benefit an educational setting. Due to the complexity of district-wide systems, the potential impact on the education of children, and the cost of new resources and tools, there are many factors that must be considered before any new software or equipment is approved or funded.

    Technology Hardware - Crucial Factors

    Due to the complexity of our systems and the time and software required to make systems operational, Kyrene has standardized equipment across the district. For this reason, the Kyrene School District does not accept computer systems, devices, or peripheral equipment that has not been pre-approved by the department. This includes equipment procured through grants, contests, donations, or public donation sites (ie. DonorsChoose).

    • Network Compatibility & Impact - All proposed equipment must work efficiently on our network and be compatible with our wireless system.

    • Student Access and Safety - The equipment needs to be managed and monitored by the Technology Department. This includes guaranteeing students use their network credentials, are monitored while using the device, and that Internet accessibility is filtered by our system.

    Note: The Technology Department cannot repair or replace any equipment procured by staff.

    Submit a Request

    The information in the request will be reviewed by the Technology Department where an evaluation of system requirements will take place. If the resource is instructional or curricular in nature, your request will be sent to the Curriculum Department and the Curriculum Council. After evaluation, an email with a request response will be sent. 
     laptop Technology Hardware
    To submit a request for consideration of new computer hardware, video equipment, or classroom multimedia equipment, please fill out and submit the following form: Technology Equipment Request Form.

    Obtaining Approved Technology Hardware

    The request response will indicate the funding source. Contact the school secretary if the school will be providing the funds. Once the purchase has been made or if the equipment happens to be free, please fill out a technology work order to have the Technology Department assist in the installation or implementation of the equipment. Technology Work Order System
Last Modified on August 26, 2020