• 2019 - 2020 Kyrene Teacher Induction Program (KTIP)

    The Kyrene Teacher Induction Program (KTIP) is a comprehensive three-year program that will be meaningfully directed by the School Effectiveness in collaboration with school site administration and teachers.

    The mission of the KTIP is to impact student achievement by supporting and engaging teachers new to Kyrene in professional development designed to increase teacher effectiveness, form common language, enhance reflection, encourage collaboration, utilize district and school resources, and promote adherence to policies and procedures. Our goals are to convey the culture, beliefs, and philosophy of the Kyrene School District to all teachers new to Kyrene and to provide on-going support to all teachers within their first three years of teaching in Kyrene.

    As per 2019-2020 Meet and Confer pp.14-15, all teachers new to the Kyrene School District will participate in KTIP.  KTIP is comprised of both mentoring and professional development components. These components are differentiated by teaching experience and are delineated below. Expectations include the satisfactory completion of one required new teacher core course that supports teacher growth and development each year for the first three years in Kyrene. Alternately, a new teacher may submit a portfolio to Professional Development Certified Coordinators for approval that documents previous experience for any of the core classes. Under special circumstances, an equivalent course may be substituted for a required course at the discretion of the Professional Development Certified Coordinators.

    Prior to the beginning of the school year, all new to Kyrene teachers identified as probationary teachers are required to attend a four-day Orientation for New Educators (ONE) program.  A teacher hired after the start of the school year and receives a contract for the next school year, is required to attend ONE the following summer. 

    Year One - Early Career Teachers hired with two or less years teaching experience

    Year One - Experienced Teachers hired with three or more years teaching experience

    Year Two Teachers hired in 2018-2019 and completed year one required core content

    Year Three - Teachers hired in 2017-2018 and have completed year two required core content

Last Modified on October 4, 2019