• Kyrene Curriculum Council 

    The Curriculum Council is an advisory group with representation from across departments, schools, and the community. The Curriculum Council meets at least bimonthly to review supplemental materials requests, pilot program requests, and the program of study. Requests are reviewed for curricular alignment, instructional merit, and cost/benefit analysis. If programs or courses have budgetary or resource requirements that exceed already allocated funds, recommendations will be submitted to the cabinet team for review. The Curriculum Council also advises core resource adoption processes and reviews requests for reconsideration from the 60-day media center public review process. 

    Program of study and new course proposal review will occur in the fall to launch course selection in the spring. Supplemental resources, software resources, and pilot proposals can be considered at any meeting. See the table below for links to online forms and planning forms.

    A projected core resource adoption schedule will be developed and reviewed annually to determine priorities and ensure alignment with state standards revisions and implementation schedules. The council will review appropriate state regulations or policies that affect the curriculum and provide guidance and feedback regarding the next steps and implementation.

    2022-23 Meetings* (Mondays from 4:00 to 5:30)

    • August 22, 2022
    • September 26, 2022
    • November 7, 2022
    • January 23, 2023
    • February 27, 2023
    • April 24, 2023

    *meetings may be canceled or conducted via email or zoom depending upon proposals submitted for the month

    Online Forms

    Forms are in Google Forms


    Directions and Planning Forms



    Due Dates



    Review Schedule

    A response will be sent by the end of the month when the proposal is heard.




    New Course Request

    New Course Request Planning Form

    October 28

    November 7

    Kyrene Program of Study 2022-23

    Pilot Request

    Pilot Annual Evaluation

    Pilot Request Planning Form

    Pilot Annual Evaluation Planning Form

    2 weeks in advance of meetings At each meeting as needed

    Pilot List available at

    T:\Curriculum Resources\Curriculum Council

    Supplemental Materials

    Supplemental Materials Planning Form

    2 weeks in advance of meetings  At each meeting as needed  

    Supplemental Materials List available at

    T:\Curriculum Resources\Curriculum Council

    Tradebook Requests

    Tradebook Planning Form

    Tradebook requests will be replaced by the Library 60 Day review process. 

    ELA Committees will use the tradebook process as needed to identify and review supplemental books for ELA units. 

    Tradebook List available 

    T:\Curriculum Resources\Curriculum Council

    Software Requests


    Software & Hardware Requests

    This page is the starting point for software or hardware requests. Please review the information before completing the form.

    Software Planning Form

    2 weeks in advance of meetings    At each meeting as needed    

    Approved Software List


    2022-23 Curriculum Council Members (updated member list coming soon) 

    Have Questions???

    Contact Curriculum Council on Outlook at curriculumcouncil@kyrene.org.

First Name Last Name Position
Christie McDougall Executive Director of Teaching and Learning (Curriculum Council Facilitator)
Rita Carney Department of Curriculum and Assessment (Curriculum Council Recorder)
Rebecca Bolnick Director of Research and Evaluation
Pete Flocken Assistant Director of Instructional Technology
Sarah Friesth Elementary Teacher (Primary)
Colbie Harper Middle School Teacher (ELA)
Kinora Hernandez KEA President/Elementary Intervention
Sandra Laine Director of Exceptional Student Services
Sharon Moakler Elementary Teacher (Special Areas)
Emily Patten Elementary Teacher (Intermediate)
Carolyn Payne Elementary Assistant Principal
Emily Pieper Elementary Assistant Principal
Kyle Ross K-8 School Principal
Megan Schmalstieg Elementary Teacher (Intermediate)
Michael Stark Middle School Teacher (Electives)
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