Software & Hardware Requests

    New technology tools are introduced every day that may enhance instruction and benefit an educational setting. Due to the complexity of district-wide systems, the potential impact on the education of children, and the cost of new resources and tools, there are many factors that must be considered before any new software or equipment is approved or funded.
    Timeline for Review of Submitted Requests
    Requests received by the 15th of each month will be reviewed at the next month's Curriculum Council meeting. The results of the Curriculum Council review will be sent to the submitter of the request by the end of the month the request is reviewed. Click here to view the Curriculum Council meeting dates.

    Software and Hardware Request Process    

    Begin by accessing either the Software or Hardware page link below. Be sure to review the Crucial Factors related to software and hardware in Kyrene. The request form on the page will need to be filled out and submitted. The information in the request will be reviewed by the Technology Department where an evaluation of system requirements and student privacy will take place. If the resource is instructional or curricular in nature, your request will be sent to the Curriculum Department and the Curriculum Council. After evaluation, an email with a request response will be sent. All software requests will be added to the Software Review list.
     internet Software Request
    To begin the process and submit a request for software, click here: Software and Online Tools Page
     laptop Technology Hardware Request
    To begin the process and submit a request for computer hardware, click here: Technology Hardware Page.


Last Modified on September 10, 2019