• Technology Integration School Site Leads


    Technology Integration School Site Lead Support Model

    The Technology Integration School Site Leads work closely with the District Educational Technology Facilitators to provide site-based support to teachers and school admin in the area of Educational Technology. Support provided will be focused on utilizing technology tools and resources to increase student engagement and achievement.


    Technology Integration School Site Leads
    Tech Integration Site Leads Photo


    Technology Integration Site Leads will provide the following to support their school staff:

    bullet Help support the District's Instructional Technology Plan

    bullet  Update school staff with Staff Meeting Presentations when needed

    bullet Attend monthly Site Lead meetings with District Educational Technology Facilitators

    bullet  Elementary: Organize and Facilitate Quarterly Tech Committees

    bullet  Middle School:  Present updates and information quarterly at School Leadership Meetings

    bullet  Provide Site-specific support for school initiatives, PD needs, PLC goals, and new teacher training 

    bullet  Provide one-on-one support as needed

    bullet  Hold Power Half-Hours and help sessions as needed

    bullet  Work with District coordinators to identify and set up site-based training or regional training

    bullet  Assist with District testing by checking labs in preparation for testing, place work orders as needed, and support site test coordinator during testing windows

    bullet  Support District Initiatives/Trainings (ex: Computer Science Week - Hour of Code)

    bullet Communicate with District Educational Technology Facilitators on a regular basis to provide updates and share school needs

    bullet  Help develop technology integrated lessons and resources to be shared across the District and embedded in curriculum maps

Last Modified on July 12, 2023