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    Posting of Student Grades

    Grades will be posted in Synergy regularly. Please check student grades on a regular basis and email rmanak@kyrene.org if you have any questions! 

    Homework will be out of 4 points. A weekly assignment will be assigned every Monday. Students have a few problems to complete every night. The entire page will be due on Friday. 
    • Monday problems : due Tuesday, stamped for completion, graded in class.
    • Tuesday problems: due Wednesday, stamped for completion, graded in class.
    • Wednesday problems: due Thursday, stamped for completion, graded in class.
    • Thursday problems: due Friday, stamped for completion, graded in class.

    Homework Quiz: Taken every Friday. Students will use their homework packets to answer 4 questions. Graded on accuracy and entered as a quiz score. 


    The expectation is that students complete classwork during class time. Anything not completed in class will need to be completed for homework and turned in the next day. 

    Late Work

    Homework will be accepted up to 1 week after the due date. For each day that the homework assignment is late 10% will be deducted from the grade of the assignment. All assignments, notes, and classwork can be found on the agenda page. 

    Assessment Retakes

    Step 1: Complete/Redo test questions on the test-correction form 
    Step 2: Attend a minimum of ONE tutoring session with your teacher or another teacher if you are confused on how to solve or correct the problems
    Step 3: Staple the corrections to the top of the original test 
    Step 4: Turn the completed packet into the assessment corrections tray.
    **For every corrected answer, students will earn the points back on their original assessment.  
    Teacher Notes in the GradeBook. 
    • Corrections Required: This is NOT optional. Students must make assessment corrections.
    • Corrections Avaiable: Students may make corrections, but this is optional.
    • Did not make corrections: Students made the choice to NOT correct their mistakes.
    • Corrections Score/Original Score: Both scores will be noted in the notes section of parentvue 
    Frequently asked question: "How can I get my grade up?" 
    • Make corrections to a HW assignment or an assessment you didn't do well on.
    • Pay attention and TRY in class! Effort creates results. 
    • Make sure you don't have any missing assignments
    • Attend tutoring or office hours. 
    Grade Weighting

    80% = Assessments (Tests,Quizzes, & Exit Tickets)
    20% = Practice (Homework and other practice)
    90 - 100% = A
    80 - 89% = B
    70 - 79% = C
    60 - 69% = D
    0 - 59% = F