• GOAL: The goal of this class is to support each student in both current grade-level math standards and any below grade-level struggles he/she may still have.

    The main resource used in this class is an online resource called i-Ready.  Students are expected to work on their specific pathway goals through lessons tailored to their needs.  The weekly goal is 45 minutes of productive work time (this time is built into each week).


    WEEKLY ROUTINE: Within our weekly routine, each student will have a minimum of 100 minutes of small group time with the teacher and 100 minutes of individual laptop time for i-Ready and Mathia. Within these time frames, students have more than enough time to reach their 45 minute weekly goal as well as have additional time to receive support in Mathia for their core math class. During small group time students can receive homework help, have concepts retaught, or have upcoming grade-level concepts pre-taught, giving students background knowledge before seeing it in the large group setting.


    HOMEWORK: There will not be any homework from this class as your child’s main core classes of math, science, social studies and language arts regularly require homework. However, the i-Ready program is available to your child online at any time, so make-up work due to absences can be done at home to meet the 45 minute weekly goal on the program.  This class is intended to be a support to what is going on in your child’s core math class so we plan to do the bulk of the work here in class.


    GRADING: The grade for this class will be Pass/Fail.  All students working to their optimal potential will Pass. Although this class is not graded in the standard way, it is important that your child takes this class seriously through maximum effort and motivation.  Thank you in advance for your support at home.

    I will enter weekly grades in Synergy that reflect students’ classwork. Any assessments that are completed in class are for growth tracking and will not be entered in the gradebook as a grade. The goal of this class is improvement!