• Cell Membrane



    Lab Prep Video: Watch and setup Notes. Don't forget to do research below and write down important information you learned about the cell membrane. Don't over work yourself. Watch 3 of the links, your choice, and take some LIGHT notes. Don't get overwhelmed with vocabulary.


    Lab How To Video: I give visual direction on how to do the lab.


    Directions: Look at the information below and take some notes on what you learn about the cell membrane. You will need this background knowledge to create an informed hypothesis.


    Overview video explaining cells. This is a great video to watch and get an idea of what we are going to be learning about the Cells Unit. We will revisit this video often, it's that good!


    Cell Membrane: Video that covers what the cell membrane is. This is a intense video with a lot of vocabulary. I want to focus on the big picture, how does the cell membrane function. Focus on channel proteins. 


    Cell Membrane: Video that is a great animation and easier to understand. Discusses Lipids and the basic construct of the cell membrane. 


    Cell Membrane Transport:Watch and take not of what is happening with the cell membrane. 


    Membrane Transport: Watch and take not of what is happening with the cell membrane. 


    Definition for Cell Membrane