•    Kyrene Physical Education (PE) Uniforms Purchasing Instructions

    PE Uniforms are required for all student enrolled in physical education to ensure safety, hygiene and comfort. Athletic

    shoes, laced properly, and socks are required for safety. Lockers will be assigned to each student for use during the

    school week. Uniforms should be taken home and washed on the weekends.

    Please note: Uniform sizes will be determined by the PE Teacher. There are no size options necessary for online or school office ordering.

    PE Uniforms may be purchased online at https://kyrene.ce.eleyo.com/.

    Top Right Corner – Click on “Sign In” to Log In for Eleyo online payments.

    Top Right Corner – Click on “Explore All Programs” to view the dashboard

    o Left Sidebar – scroll down and select “School Store”

    o Right Sidebar – select “School Store”

    Select your Middle School (click on “View All Courses in School Store” if your school is not visible)

    o Select item to purchase (PE Shirt or PE Short) by clicking on

    Enroll Now

    Select your student from drop‐down list

    Either Continue Shopping (cart dropdown) or Checkout to complete ordering

    Please be sure to print receipt from software system and have your student present it to the PE Teacher for sizing and

    uniform issuance.

    PE Uniforms may also be purchased at the front office of each middle school. If purchasing uniforms at the school,

    please obtain and complete the required order form and provide payment to the school office. Checks made out to the

    school and cash (exact change only) will be accepted.


    The cost per uniform is $17.00 and each piece may be purchased separately at $11.00 for shorts and $6.00 for shirts.






Last Modified on August 28, 2017