• Altadena Physical Education

    Happiest Place On Campus!

    The Physical Education team is looking forward to working with all our students this year! We know it will be a fun and rewarding year of fitness, games, and activities! 


    PE Rules

        - Follow all directions to ensure safety of all participants

        - Be respectful, responsible, and courteous to classmates and teachers

        - Use equipment safely and properly at all times

        - Perform activities with effort and positive attitude

        - Refrain from having gum, food, and/or drinks in the PE areas: lobby, gym, locker room, fields

    Students who do not comply with the rules will be given an opportunity to refocus and then rejoin the class


    Locker Room Rules

        - Be responsible for locker combination by securing in a safe and private location

        - Be responsible for personal items (money, jewelry, phone, and other valuables) by securing in locked locker.

         -Be responsible for the safety of self and others by refraining from having glass and aerosols in the locker room

    Excused(Sick or Injured) Policy

    A note from home by a parent or guardian will be honored for 3 days to excuse a student from participation.  A doctor's note is required for any excuse beyond 3 days. 

    Dress Out Expectations

      -Students will dress out in their OWN official Altadena P.E. uniform every class. 

      - Students must wear athletic shoes and socks to ensure safety and prevent injury.  Sandals, flip-flops, slip ons are not safe or acceptable for activity.

      -Students who do not meet dress out requirements will not be allowed to participate and will lose points

       -Students can purchase uniforms ONLINE for $17 (Shirts $6 and Shorts $11).  We do not wish to create hardship for any family so if there is a need, please contact any PE teacher. 

    Grading Policy:

    Students will begin each PE period with a daily warm up run.  We begin the year with a short time and each week we add time on to help students build their cardiovascular endurance.  In addition, the warm up run gently prepares the body for exercise by increasing heart rate and circulation, which in turn loosens the joints and increases blood flow to the muscles and prevents injury during activity.  All students are expected to participate in the warm up run to prevent injury and because participation is a critical portion of their grade. 

    Student’s grades are based on effort and participation in all activities. Knowledge and skills are also considered upon grading.  Student’s grades are affected by the number of non-participations and non-dresses per quarter. Each quarter students will start with a new record.  Grades are available for viewing on Parent/Student portal.

    A = 90% - 100% 

    B = 80% - 89%  

    C = 70% - 79%   

    D =60% - 69%    

    F = 59% or less

    We appreciate your cooperation and ongoing support of our Physical Education program.  Please feel free to contact your child’s P.E. teacher if there are any questions or concerns









Last Modified on July 31, 2018