• Homework

    Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

    Homework is due the next day.  There will only be homework on a Friday if an assignment was not completed in class.

    20 Minutes of Reading Each Night:


    Bookopolis is a social reading site that allows kids to log, rate, and review books they've read. They are "friends" with other members of the class and can make recommendations to their friends. Students choose an avatar, and create lists of books they'd like to read, ones they're currently reading, and ones they've already read. They can earn badges to help encourage participation. The books are not on the website. This is a place for them to rate and log books that they are reading at home.


    Other Homework

    Other homework depends on what is happening in class.  It will be written in the student agendas.

    • Work that was not completed in class
    • Studying vocabulary or spelling
    • Studying math facts