• Grading Policy for Math Resource


    Assessments (tests and quizzes) are weighted at 80% while homework and other assignments are weighted at 20%. This means that assessment scores have a bigger affect on the grade. 

    Test Corrections

    Tests and quizzes may be corrected for an improved score. Graded tests will be sent home within a week. Please return in a timely manner with the corrections on another sheet of paper with all work shown. This is so that I can compare the original answers to the corrected answers and see that an effort was made to fix the mistake. I may not award any extra points if the work is not on a separate piece of paper or if work is not shown at all.

    Late and Absent Work

    Late assignments will be accepted any time during the quarter it was given.

    If a student is absent, they are still responsbile for turning in the missed homework and any tests. Students should check their agenda, Google classroom, physical folder in the classroom, or ask the teacher for this missed work. Students will need to set up a time before/after school or during lunch to retake tests. They may be excempt from some assignments done in class that can't be sent home.

    Please send an e-mail if additional copies of an assignment are needed and cannot be found on Google Classroom.

    Extra Credit

    I do not offer extra credit. To raise a grade, make sure all assignments are complete and complete test corrections.