• Grading Breakdown-

    Grading in both Multimedia/Digital Arts and Computer Science classes is based on point values given to each assignment/project. Those points are then totaled and applied to a percentage that corresponds to the grade structure below:

    A = 100 - 90% 
    B = 89 - 80%
    C = 79 - 70%
    D = 69 - 60%
    F = 59% or <

    Grade Weighting-
    Traditional testing used to assess student progress is not used in these technology classes because most of the work completed by students is centered on producing an end-product. Therefore, grade weighting is not applied. Assignments or projects with higher point values reflect more student time and effort to complete. 

    Posting of Student Grades-
    Grades will be posted in the Parent Portal regularly, so please check there for the most up-to-date scoring data.