•  8th Grade Language Arts Curriculum Map

    Students will work throughout the year to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through project and performance based learning, labs, individual assessments and collaborative assignments.
    • Literary Non-Fictional Reading  and Literary Fictional Reading
    • Expository Reading and Writing
    • Personal Narrative Writing
    • Poetry Reading and Writing
    • Research Paper Writing
    • Persuasive Writing
    • Vocabulary Building

    In depth focus:

    • Knowledge of Literary Elements (e.g. plot, conflict, foreshadowing, symbolism)
    • Non Fictional Reading
    • Abstract Language (e.g. figurative language, theme and irony)
    • Vocabulary building
    • Fictional Novel studies
    • 5 paragraph Essay
    • Research Paper Organization and Writing


    Year at a Glance:

    Text: MyPerspectives - Newly Adopted English Language Arts Resource


    • Unit 1: What are some milestone on the path to growing up?
      • Narrative Non-Fiction Writing
    • Unit 2: How do we remember the past?
      • Explanatory Writing
    • Unit 3: When is it right to take a stand?
      • Argument Essay Writing and Presentation
    • Unit 4: In what different ways can people be intelligent?
      • Informative Writing and SpeechUnit 5: Are inventions realized through inspiration or perspiration?
      • If time allows:  Argument Essay Writing and Speech

    Novel Studies: The following pieces of literature tie in thematically to a unit of study in MyPerspectives.

    ELA classes:

    The Giver  - Unit 1

    The Diary of Anne Frank (a play adaptation) - Unit 2

    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Unit 2

    Among the Hidden - Unit 3


    ALA classes:

    The Giver - Unit 1

    The House on Mango Street - Unit 1 (independent read)

    The Diary of Anne Frank (a play adaptation) - Unit 2

    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Unit 2

    Night - Unit 2 (independent read)

    Farewell to Manzanar - Unit 3