In Language Arts students will read from non-fiction informational text, short fiction and different genres of novels and compose a variety of texts such as: narrative, persuasive, argumentative, research, poetry, and book reviews in order to 1. To develop students' competence to read, discuss, listen and write about a variety of text. This will prepare students for higher-level reading and writing and increase their overall communication written, verbal and non-verbal skills so they may become college and career ready.


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    • Text types (fiction and non-fiction, narrative and informative)
    • Text structures (plot map, compare/contrast, cause/effect, problem/solution, sequence, chronological)
    • Key Details and Supporting Evidence
    • Authors Point of View and Purpose


    • Fluency (sentence and paragraph structure, grammar, vocabulary, word choice)
    • Parts of Writing (intro, body and conclusion)
    • Process Writing (prewrite, draft, editing/revision, final)
    • Summaries
    • Text Responses (question, answer, citing evidence and reasoning)



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