• The following is an overview of content and materials for each unit of study per quarter:

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    (GATE: Gifted And Talented Education)

    Quarter One, UNIT 1: Generations

    • Novel: Bridge to Terabithia, by Katherine Paterson (ELA), Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli (GATE)
    • Essential Question: What can one generation learn from another? 
    • Pearson Student Pages; including anthologies, grammar, writing.
    • Performance Assessment/ Beginning of the Year MAPS test

    Quarter Two, Unit 3: Turning Points

    • Novel: The Outsiders (ELA/GATE)
    • Essential Question: What can cause a sudden change in someone's life?
    • Adversity anthologies, grammar, writing assignments, interim assessment 
    • GATE: Curiosity Project 
    • performance Assessment; Q2 Interim Assessment  

    Quarter Three, Unit 4: People and the Planet 

    • Novel: Hatchet (ELA), Out of the Dust, by Karen Hesse(GATE)*
    • Essential Question: What effects do people have on their environment?
    • Student Pages; analogies, grammar, diagramming sentences, writing project, Q3 Interim Assessment
    • Unit 3 Performance Assessment 

    Quarter Four, Unit 5: Facing Adversity  

    • Novels: A Long Walk to Water (ELA/GATE), Refugee, by Alan Gantz (GATE)
    • Essential Question: How do we overcome obstacles? 
    • Pearson anthologies, grammar, writing/researching, non-fiction sources
    • Performance assessment; Project based learning project/Curiosity Project (GATE) 
    • AZMERIT exams (April) 


    Additional Trade Books for 2022-2023 may be added based on resource availability. 

    *Subject to change