Team 6A School Supplies 2020-2021

  •                                                                                     School Supply List 2020-2021

    All students in any 6th grade class will need a "toolkit". This could be a pencil pouch with the follow supplies. This should be stocked and restocked for the entire year (remember no shared supplies once we return in person). 

    • erasers
    • hand held pencil sharpener
    • colored pencils and or markers
    • ruler
    • highlighters (yellow, green, pink and blue)
    • correcting pens ( multiple colors)
    • scissors
    • glue sticks
    • small sticky notes
    • small earbuds

    6A Team Supplies


    • 1-green composition book and colored pencils- Science/ Mr. Kahn
    • 1-red composition book- ELA /Ms. Lunn
    • 1 spiral notebook (any color)- Math Mr. Mikesell

    Wish List ( once we return in person)

    • tissues
    • white board markers
    • clorox wipes