• Grades:

    100 - 90%  = A

    89.5- 80%  = B

    79.5 - 70%  = C

    69.5 - 60%  = D

    0     - 59.4% = F 


    Assessments are 80% of total quarterly grade and homework/practice is the remaining 20%.

    Posting of Grades:

    Grades will be posted in the Parent Vue/Student Vue regularly. Please check student grades on a regular basis and review homework assignments nightly. There will ALWAYS be homework Monday through Thursday in language arts. 

    Expectations/Work Completion:  

    Seventh graders are expected to turn in their work on time. There will be a penalty (zero credit) for any late work as it is unfair to those who follow the deadlines and adhere to due dates. (This is the norm in high school). In the case of an absence, the work must still be turned in within the number of days the student missed school. For example, if a child is out for three days, that child has three days from his or her return to submit any missed assignments. Exceptions can be made with regard to making up absent work so that a student does not stress or feel overwhelmed. Please contact me if more time is required. It is the students responsibility to check the "assignment bin" and website whether he or she has missing assignments. 

    There is NO extra credit in this class or retests.  Exams are open book/open notes. Homework is directly geared towards support of unit assessments, interims, and content mastery. 

    Students submit a reading log every two weeks and will be tested on spelling words each quarter. Please check my teacher website for due dates. Thank you.