• Cross Categorical Behavior

    Grades 6th, 7th & 8th

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    As required by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Kyrene Middle School provides a continuum of services for students with disabilities. At KMS the Cross Categorical Behavior classroom serves students in 6th - 8th grade whose academic needs are best met through direct one on one or small group instruction in modified curriculum. Students are placed in CCB/CCD classrooms based on goals and objectives in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Students in CCB also receive one to two periods in Study Skills, Social Skills and/or Behavior Skills which supports their work in the mainstream.


    A: Knowing and Understanding

    B: Planning for performance

    C: Communication

     D: Thinking critically

    As a part of the Middle Years Program (MYP), of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, the aim of the CCB/CCD classroom is to encourage and enable the student to:

    • communicate information and ideas using an appropriate style for the audience and purpose
    • identify and understand IEP goals
    • build positive relationships and demonstrate social responsibility
    • reflect on their learning experiences
    • develop goals to enhance performance
    • structure information and ideas in a way that is appropriate to the specified format
    • interpret different perspectives and their implications
    • discuss concepts, issues, models, visual representation and theories



    Key concepts promote the development of a broad curriculum. They represent big ideas that are both relevant within and across disciplines and subjects. Communication, Relationships and Identity are the key concepts in CCB.


    Related concepts promote deep learning and are useful for exploring key concepts in greater detail. The related concepts for CCB/CCD are Choice, Perspective, Equity, Power and Conflict.


     Students in the CCB/CCD will receive personalized lessons that are specifically designed to address individual student needs and cover goals on Individual Education plans (IEPs). The topics covered in this course will focus on bridging gaps in all academic areas.  Our topics covered are (but not limited to) Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Behaviors, and Life-Skills. 

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    At KMS, MYP students will engage in community projects. Students will choose a community in need, research the needs and how to help, write an action plan, take action on the plan and complete the service, and then create a presentation of their work. They will demonstrate Learner Profile attributes and will reflect on the Approaches to Learning skills that they are strengthening. The service learning projects are semester-long. Students use a self-paced guide and process journal to complete these projects. In addition, teachers act as facilitators as students work through their projects rather than direct instructors. The work for these service learning projects take place on our “C” day Wednesdays.


    Global contexts direct learning towards independent and shared inquiry into our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet. MYP CCB can develop meaningful explorations of:

    • Identities and relationships
    • Orientation in space and time
    • Personal and cultural expression
    • Scientific and technical innovation
    • Globalization and sustainability
    • Fairness and development


    Teaching methods include Inquiry, Investigation, and Collaboration. Much instruction will be directly lead by the teacher, but will also be inquiry-based and student led as much as possible. 


    Students will be assessed formally and informally. Formal assessments occur during the end of units and are in a written format. These assessments may be in the form of a multiple choice exam, short answer assessment, reports and/or projects.

    Informal assessment may include bell work, “ticket out the door”, student self-reflection and/or teacher observations.

    Students will also receive weekly to quarterly assessments to measure IEP goals and are reported quarterly on progress reports.



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