•  7th Grade Language and Literature Curriculum

    In the International Baccalauriate program, English Language Arts is called Language and Literature. In this course, we will continue using Pearson's myPerspectives, like what was used last year in 6th grade, but the 7th grade version. 
    Click the link below to view out IB syllabus.
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    Click the link below for a copy of my Syllabus, which includes policies and procedures, required materials, etc. 


    Vocabulary Policy 

    With each selection read, students will be introduced to a number of vocabulary words ranging from 3-6 words. Students will be completing a Frayer Model for each word. These Frayer Models will not be graded or collected. If student completes their Frayer Models, they will be allowed to use them on their vocabulary tests. 



    Comprehension Checks 

    A comprehension check follows each selection in the myperspectives. Students will be completing these differently than the past. Students will not only provide the correct answer but will answer in complete sentences (restate the question in your answer). The student will also be required to find text evidence to support their answer and will properly cite their evidence (author's last name, page #).