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    About Ms. B!

    Hello my name is Brittney Bazuin. I am teaching 7th grade Language and Literature and 7th grade Individuals and Societies at KMS. I graduated in May 2017 from Arizona State University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education with emphasis in English Language Arts. This is my fourth year teaching and my fourth year at KMS. Prior to KMS, I completed my student teaching at Centennial Middle School. I have been reading for as long as I can remember and it is always something I have enjoyed. I knew from a young age that teaching was something that I always wanted to do. Like a lot of young kids, I played teacher in my bedroom with my pretend students and stuffed animals J

    I have lived in Phoenix since I was about four years old and am a Kyrene Kid! I attended Lagos Elementary school for K-2 and was one of the first third grades classes at Mileno Elementary, which I attended from grades 3-5. I also attended Akimel a-Al Middle School. Before becoming a teacher, and while attending ASU, I worked at CVS Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician.

    I am not married, but have been with my boyfriend for 10 years and we live in Tempe. We do not have any kids, but I have two fur children.

    In my free time, I am a giant nerd. I love to read young adult fiction books and anything by Edgar Allan Poe.  I consider myself a Harry Potter super fan; I have read all 7 books twice and have seen the movies too many times to count. My boyfriend and I collect vintage video games and their consoles. I also love to do crossword puzzles and other crafts.