• MYP Syllabus

    Course:  Reading Intervention

    MYP Level:  

    Teacher:  Ms. Alva



     Course Description:

    Reading Intervention is designed to help close the gap for students performing below grade level.  Students enrolled in the course will receive specific targeted academic support in reading to help them improve their reading skills.

     IB Aims and Objectives:

    The objectives of teaching and learning of MYP in Language and Literature are:

    A: Analyzing

    B: Organizing

    C: Producing Text

    1. Using Language

    As a part of the Middle Years Program (MYP), of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, the aim of the teaching of language and literature are to encourage and enable the student to:

    • Identify and explain the content, context, language, structure, technique and style of  text(s) and the relationship among texts
    • Identify and explain the effects of the creator’s choices on an audience
    • Justify opinions and ideas, using examples, explanations and terminology
    • Interpret similarities and differences in features within and between genres and texts
    • Employ organizational structures that serve the context and intention
    • Organize opinions and ideas in a coherent and logical manner
    • Use referencing and formatting tools to create a presentation style suitable to the context and intentions
    • Produce texts that demonstrate thought, imagination and sensitivity while exploring and considering new perspectives and ideas arising from personal engagement with the creative process
    • Make stylistic choices in terms of linguistic literary and visual devices, demonstrating awareness of impact on an audience
    • Select relevant details and examples to develop ideas
    • Use appropriate and varied vocabulary, sentence structures and forms of expression
    • Write and speak in an appropriate register and style
    • Use correct grammar, syntax and punctuation
    • Spell, write, and pronounce with accuracy
    • Use appropriate non-verbal communication techniques

    III.  Topics:

    Students in this course will receive personalized lessons that are specifically designed to address individual student needs. The topics covered in this course will focus primarily on bridging gap in students reading skills. Our topics covered in the class can range from

    • Phonemic Awareness
    • Phonics.
    • Fluency.
    • Vocabulary.
    • Comprehension.
    • Spelling.

     Service Learning:

    At KMS, MYP students will engage in community projects. Students will choose a community in need, research the needs and how to help, write an action plan, take action on the plan and complete the service, and then create a presentation of their work.


    During the course of reading interventions, we will include passages or current events            will talk about the world on a global scale, but it depends on the student needs.

    Teaching Methods

    Students in this course will benefit from a blended learning environment. In which some of course work will be completed on-line, both small group and whole group instruction.

    VII.  Assessment

    Students will be assessed utilizing multiple methods in the course including I-Ready software to help identify and diagnose areas where students need assistance. Students are also given periodic growth monitoring to assess academic progress. Interventionist also use various classroom resources and lessons to assess student academic progress.

    VIII.  Resources