• 90 - 100% = A
    80 - 89% = B
    70 - 79% = C
    60 - 69% = D
    0 - 59% = F

    Grade Weighting

    80% = Assessments (Tests, Quizzes & Exit Tickets)
    20% = Practice (Homework, Warm-Ups and other practice)

    Posting of Student Grades

    Grades will be posted in the Parent Portal regularly. Please check student grades there on a regular basis. Use the weekly agenda to check for assignment due dates.
    Late Work
    Homework will be accepted up to 1 week after the due date. For each day that the homework assignment is late 10% will be deducted from the grade of the assignment.
    Assessment Retakes
    Students are able to retake any assessment that they did not master. To retake an assessment, students must fill-out a Request to Retest form. Evidence must be provided that the student has done three activities to help improve their understanding of the concept (i.e. tutoring, MATHia, office hours, Khan Academy, etc.). Lastly, a date and time for the retake must be scheduled with the teacher.
    The original grade for the assessment will remain in the gradebook but a higher score will increase the student's overall grade.