• pencils
    paw Materials List
    Every day, students should bring to class:
       snail  1.5 or 2" binder with 8 divided sections (*corrected from original syllabus link)
       snail  Pocket folder
       snail  Lined notebook paper, enough for the whole year
       snail  Pens or sharpened pencils 
       snail  Highlighter 
      snail   An independent reading book (Always!)
      snail  Agenda book
    paw Class syllabus:
    7th Grade ELA Syllabus: 7th Grade ELA Syllabus
    7th Grade C0-Taught ELA Syllabus: 7th Grade Co-Taught ELA Syllabus
    7th Grade ELA GATE Syllabus: 7th Grade GATE ELA Syllabus