For Math 8 or Algebra, all students need:


    - a blue spiral/composition notebook

    - pen/pencil and loose paper (any) to work problems out on


    For Math 8 students a scientific calculator is recommended (so it is capable of doing square roots), however if you are able to use your laptop or smartphone that is perfectly acceptable for now.


    Algebra students, we will be mainly using Desmos to graph, so a graphing calculator is not necessary at this time.  




    Please login to Google Classroom and our Zoom session at our scheduled time daily, prepared to learn, and with any assigned homework completed.  We learn something new EVERY DAY and if you miss an assignment it can very quickly be overwhelming to try to catch up.  Often, the assignment from the previous day will help you master the next day's concepts. Email if you need help!  But stay on top of your classwork.


    Complete 30 minutes of Mathia every day. Sometimes you will be given time in class to begin your 30 minutes of Mathia, but it is your responsibility to make sure you are on track in the online software.  We will have check-ins but 30 minutes daily (M-F) is recommended to be able to take your time and steadily work through the problems at a good pace. 


    Be respectful: to yourself, to your teachers, to your peers.  It earns you respect back!


    Ask questions (in class and email).  Too many students are afraid to ask questions!  Say if you don't understand something.  It helps me learn how to teach you better and chances are other students are confused about it too. If you email, I can schedule some extra time to help you if you need it.  You just have to ask.


    Have fun!  Math is a language that allows us to solve puzzles.  Take pride in your ability to learn news ways of thinking, to learn new skills, and have fun.  See you Monday!