•    High School Algebra Overview


    Welcome to Math!

    Welcome to High School Algebra.  This is an advanced math course for which students will earn high school credit if they meet certain grade expectations and exam test scores throughout the year. Students need to have passed, with mastery, a standard 8th grade level math class.  I am looking forward to another great year at Aprende Middle School.  We will be learning new math concepts and building on what you already know.  You will participate in problem-solving, group exploration, math review, direct instruction, and time for self-paced practice of skills online to help you learn and master the concepts this year.  Please be prepared to work hard this year; high school level courses are more rigorous than middle school level math classes. I will help you every step of the way.  But, the person that will help you be most successful in math class is yourself.  The harder you work, the easier and more fun math will be!

     I am available for extra help after school on most Tuesdays from 3:10-3:40.  Dates will be announced throughout the year in class and posted on my website.
    NEED MATHia Log-in HELP 
    -use  MATHia Carnegie Student Login View from HOME 2018.pdf  for help logging in.  These instructions will work on any device, mac/pc, tablet, phone, so you can work from home too! School ID: kyrene apms-85226
    My website will have all of the powerpoints we will be using in class and extra ones with additional notes for help and reference.  From my website www.kyrene.org/lchristian, on the left there is a "Linear Algebra 8th Grade Math" page or "High School Algebra" page.  From there, open a tab under that with our exact calendar and any powerpoints for the current week called "Weekly Assignments Calendar".  There is also a tab called "Math Notes and Help" with additional info to help on each chapter.  Please use these additional notes and powerpoints to help with homework or prepare for tests!
    Our book this year is a ‘consumable workbook’ meaning that it is an interactive workbook with questions that students will fill in together with me and their teams in class.  That classwork then becomes their notes on the topic and finishing problems will often be homework.  Depending on the unit, the book does not have an extensive amount of direct teaching of concepts or worked out examples like an ‘old-fashioned textbook’ that many of us are used to.  To help this issue, each student created a math binder with a Notes Section in class.  We gathered the glossary for definitions and all of the Chapter Summary sections from the book that do have clear examples and recaps of each concept. We will also take notes from powerpoints on concepts and add them in.  Please ask your student to see their notes if you or they need help doing work this year. 

    Welcome to Mathematics! 


    3-Ring Binder (1” or 1½“ size)

    5 Tabbed Dividers

    LOTS of lined loose leaf paper

    LOTS of pencils, erasers, pens, highlighters

    Optional: graph paper, ruler, Post-it flags/notes,

    Optional: Scientific Calculator or Graphing Calculator (I have a classroom set to borrow during class)


    • Expect homework 4-5 days per week.  It will usually take at least 30 focused minutes or more to complete.

    • If you don’t understand a problem or assignment, you still must attempt the problems showing work and effort. This is what it takes to avoid no credit if you are really confused. Blank problem=No points

    • On your homework, please show all of your work and all of the steps we discuss in class/write in notes. No work = No points.

    • All homework should be completed in pencil; pen is not acceptable.

    • Homework will be graded for accuracy in class daily.  Some assignments are entered into the gradebook for completion credit and some earn points for accuracy.  Students are expected to grade assignments and correct wrong answers to keep as a study tool for tests.


    Grading Scale

    80%    Assessments (Tests, Quizzes, Projects, MATHia)           

    20%    Practice (Homework, classwork, warmups etc)

    A  = 90-100 %     B = 80-89 %      C = 70 – 79 %     D = 60 – 69 %     F = 0 to  59%


    Advanced Course Requirements

    This is an Advanced Class. It will have a rigorous pace and work load.

    You need to maintain an 80% or higher.

    If your grade falls below 80%, you need to seek help and actively work to raise your grade. If even after extra help, you struggle in the course, we may discuss a schedule change to better accommodate an appropriate level of math class




    Test retakes in the high school course are not allowed. Please be prepared on the material and seek help before an assessment. If the whole class scores poorly, the whole class will go back to reteach and retake on the material. Individual retakes will be considered on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances only in the fall semester, please email me if you have any concerns.

    The high school courses do not offer retake opportunites if taken at the high school.

    How do I raise my grade?

    •Take notes, do your homework, & ask questions and participate while grading and in class discussions.

    • Ask for extra help, come to tutoring

    • There is no extra credit in this course, so do your best on every assignment!

    Please seek help before assessments, not after them

    Absence Policy

    ·         When you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain the information and assignments you missed. Assignments missed will be entered in the gradebook as 0 Missing, and when a student has completed, graded, and turned in the absent work the grade will be updated

    ·         Check my website, the board in my classroom, and handouts file folder for any worksheets and notes.  Copy down any notes you missed, completed the section from the book we worked on, and schedule a time for quiz or test make ups if necessary. 

    ·         You have 2 school days for each day absent to complete missed work (homework, as well as notes, warm-ups, class work, quizzes & tests, too!)  After this time period, missed work becomes late.

    Late Work Policy

    Work needs to be completed on time and will be checked at the start of each class. 

    • Work completed late will be accepted for half credit up until the test on the content.

    • Absolutely no late work for any reason will be accepted after the unit on which the work was assigned.


    • Work in online math program MATHia which is aligned to our textbook for one full class period per week and occasionally as homework. This is required practice of material needed to master the content in class lessons used digitally in place of worksheet assignments.

    • Progress is graded according to percentages on units and completion of required problems.



    Here are samples of the skills that will be taught throughout the year. (the order of these is subject to change)
    1st QUARTER
    Functions (Domain, Range, Graphs, Function Family Characteristics)
    Linear Functions (equations, slope, intercepts, graphs, tables, comparisions, regression)
    Solving Equations

    2nd QUARTER
    Solving Equations in One Variable  
    Solving and Graphing Inequalities
    Absolute Value Equations
    Solving Systems of Equations and Inequalities
    Exponential Functions and Growth and Decay

    3rd QUARTER
    Exponential Functions and Growth and Decay
    Quadratic Functions
    Completing the Square
    Quadratic Formula

    4th QUARTER
    Real Number System
    Data Analysis
    Bivariate Data