• Mr. McGuire and family!
    About Mr. McGuire


    Good day! My name is John McGuire. I want to extend a warm welcome to all of you and allow me to introduce myself.

    I will be starting my 11th year teaching (5th year at Akimel)! I taught 4th grade (all subjects) and 6th grade math at Butterfield Elementary School in Maricopa. I took a semester off to homeschool my younger son during a short move to Seattle in 2015.  

    Before being a teacher I am first a husband and have been married to my lovely bride for almost twenty-two years. Next, I am a father of two boys, twenty-four and sixteen. We have two pound puppies we adopted a few years back, Meatball and Rue.

    Formerly, I served our fine nation in the United States Navy for nearly eight years and over a year in the Air Force Reserve at Colorado State University. During my Navy time, I was a Law Enforcement Specialist and a K-9 officer (patrol operations and narcotics/explosives detection). I spent tours in Charleston, SC, Naples, Italy and Everett, WA. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College. I later worked for USAA insurance for six years. I completed my teacher certification (K-8) in Elementary Education in 2010 from Rio Salado College right here in Arizona. I am very excited to have joined a fantastic school and am happy you and your child are able to join me.

    I am no stranger to education. When I was an undergraduate at Colorado State I often volunteered in my aunt’s special education classroom.  While on tour in Italy, I facilitated a thirteen week Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D. A. R. E.) Program at Naples Elementary School. The curriculum included kindergarten through 5th grade. I have volunteered a lot of time at both of my sons’ schools, here in Arizona and in Colorado.  In addition, my teacher certification program exposed me to grades kindergarten through sixth.

    Thank you for your time, energy and dedication.  I plan to earn your trust over the new school year.


    John McGuire

     "Philosophy of Education"
    My key philosophy is recognizing the abilities children possess and tapping into the potential they have harnessed in their impressionable minds. Students are individuals who have capabilities beyond most adults’ expectations. As a teacher, I will get to know my students as well as possible in order to guide and motivate them. This in turn will enhance their ability to set and reach their personal as well as educational goals. I intend to find positive attributes in each student and build upon them to the best of my ability.
    Another philosophy is the understanding that school is an extension of the home. In my classroom children will feel safe and secure. Respect will be given and expected throughout the school year. I believe in leadership by example. I intend on setting high but reasonable expectations for behavior as well as academic success. I will treat each and every child with dignity as I maintain an environment conducive to learning. I will encourage them, build them up and foster a healthy classroom atmosphere that will springboard them into a love of learning they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.
    With the reality that a student population is as diverse as the current United States population, I have a responsibility to foster a welcoming and understanding attitude. I will tap into my students’ experiences - providing opportunities for them to share their cultural identities, places lived or traveled to - allowing them to feel safe in expressing ideas that may not be what others consider “normal.” I will incorporate as much information about other countries, philosophies and ideas so that children can do their own analysis and research to gain a deeper understanding of persons or cultures that may be considered different from their own.
    Since the teaching profession is standards driven, I will ensure the level of instruction is geared toward those standards but not let that be the only thing upon which we focus. I want to allow students to develop questions and ideas that can catapult them far beyond the curriculum and standards. This also will increase the skills that they need to recognize how they learn and the passion they need to be lifelong learners. What good does it do to feed them information to simply regurgitate it? Should they be allowed to ask the tough questions, explore more about why and be able to be responsible for the learning they do on a daily basis? I say, “Yes, by all means!”
    After serving eight years in the United States Navy, six years in the insurance industry and odds and ends in between, I have always wanted to become a teacher. Not just a teacher, but a great teacher. Your children deserve nothing less.