• Parents and Guardians:


    My name is Ms. Mikayla Skouson. I am the new Guitar/Orchestra teacher at Centennial Middle School. I have been teaching for the last few years in Las Vegas, NV. I worked with many different levels of expertise, but am glad to be returning to middle school. I hope to bring my experiences to the classroom and look forward to watching your students grow and progress over the next year. I am impressed with the talent and drive that I have already seen in your students.


    I know there has been a big transition over the last couple of weeks with teachers. This is not an ideal situation, but with your support, we will be working to make the best of our time together for the rest of the year and beyond.


    Learning an instrument is a fun and exciting time in your student's life. Thank you for allowing them to practice at home. It might be hard to listen to the squeaks and squawks of the instruments, but as they progress, the sounds will become more enjoyable! I promise!


    If you have any questions for me, please feel free to call me or email me. Email is preferred and I will usually be able to respond quicker through this means of communication.




    Ms. Mikayla Skouson


    (480) 541-6400 ext 6556