Mrs. Morris
    Mrs. Morris loves snow!  
    About The Teacher

    My name is Lexie Morris and I am so excited to join the fabulous kindergarten team here at Esperanza. I am an Arizona native and while I’m officially a “double devil”, having received both my Bachelors and Master’s degrees from Arizona State University, I come from a long line of U of A diehards and am an Arizona Wildcat at heart!

    Always a lover of adventure, I moved to northern Virginia after my undergrad, where I lived for almost 6 years. While there I taught Pre-Kindergarten and worked as an ELL kindergarten assistant and discovered my true love for kindergarten (and snow!). Since moving back to the Valley to pursue my Masters in Early Childhood Education, I have been working for Kyrene Community Education as the program specialist at the Manitas Early Learning Center.

    In my spare time, I enjoy DIYing projects around my house, exploring the outdoors, crafting, and travelling. I don’t need to enjoy cooking because my husband is a professional chef—aren’t I a lucky gal?! 

    My mission as an educator is to help children discover a love for learning, and at what better time to do that than in kindergarten! I want to help each student develop a strong self-concept, enhance their creativity, and enrich their lives socially, intellectually, and academically. I want my students to believe in their abilities and take pride in doing their personal best. Providing engaging, hands-on experiences in my classroom will help to build a love for learning and foster independence and self-confidence, while allowing for the different needs of each student to be met. I strive to create a classroom that is a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment where each child feels valued, empowered, and successful. I am looking forward to a great year!